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April 18th, 2017 5:58 PM by Nour Ailan


I have had my share of problems with Apple products. Most recently, I have been having a problem with my iPhone 6 Plus ,since I purchased it. I am on the second one now. Generally, a small company that charges normal prices would have these problems upon inception and improve them as issues occur. With a company as large as Apple and I as a client, I don’t believe this should happen with a company like Apple. The prices they charge are exuberant. I paid close to $1000 for my iPhone 6 Plus. In my line of work, I thought that having 128 GB would help me have the info I need and the space to surf around.

Unfortunately, little did I know that my iPhone 6 Plus kept freezing as well as heating up so high that I could not hold it in my hand. I expected that a company the size of Apple and with overpriced products would replace it for me. That is not how Apple operates. They know how to charge you premium prices for their products when they feel there is not much they can do and the product is defected, they will then decide to ship you a refurbished product.

This is what I received the second time around. A refurbished phone that had as many problems as the first phone I had. You would think that with a one year Warranty and after paying $1000 and after being drilled for hours and repeating your story several times, they would at least replace the defective item with a new one not a refurbished one.

I started calling Apple once my phone became unbearable to hold because of the heat and temperature. Their inexperienced “Level 1” technicians kept asking you to hold on with every question you had, so that they can go through the manual and find the answers. You end up spending countless hours on the phone before realizing you cannot get a resolution.

They all ask the same questions; your name, the serial number, color of your eyes, sex, religion, at least that’s how it feels , and it goes on and on. After spending about an hour or two with that inexperienced technician who did not help you after all the trouble shooting his manual told him to follow; turning the phone on and off, deleting apps, checking different components on the phone, then realizing that he is stuck and that your questions are too smart for him and that he is unable to come up with the answers, he then puts you on hold, apologizes , moves you to technician level two, mind you these guys are getting paid $8 per hour and Level 2 are at $9.50 an hour.

Technician number two introduces himself and immediately asks for your email so he can send you his contact information and your phone number in case you get cut off. One thing you realize is that you only have their contact information because they are unreachable and disappear into thick air of apple corrupt policies. You can never reach them again.

By the time he transfers you to the level 2 technician who asks you the same questions, your name, serial number, a good number to call you back at, color of your eyes, sex, religion, and the problem you are facing, and tells you that I am sure technician level 1 has already had you turn your phone off and and do this or that but do you mind if we do it again.

I never understood how a company the size of Apple and with the premium prices they charge, how when you are transferred from one technician to another, all the information you have given them does not transfer with the call. They take you through agony which I am sure many of you who will read this article as it is being circulated worldwide will relate to everything I am saying because I am also positive that any of you who own an Apple product have gone through this.

You are now with technician level 2 asking you the same questions and you are back to square one and taking you through the agony that technician level 1 took you through. So of course, technician Level 2 takes you through the same exercise with no results. He then gets confused as number 1 did and informs you that he is sure that technician Level 3 will be able to solve your problem.

That is when technician Level 3 (after 2 hours) comes in and greets you , “hello Mr. Farah, how are e you today? May I have your email so I can send you my contact information?” As soon as you give it to him again, he then asks you for your Serial Number and goes through his list of questions. I believe Apple’s policy is to harass their clients, break them down with all their interrogation, since they know a big percentage of them will give up and move on; not me, I will continue exposing Apple every chance I have.

After spending over 50 hours on the phone over a period of two weeks and with my problem not solved; level 3 technician wants to take you through the same agony. Most of these technicians promise to call you back and they don’t; many actually hang up on you in the middle of the conversation out of frustration they cannot answer.

I believe the time they spend on the phone frustrates them and runs into either their break time, dinner or lunch hours; so they hang up the call. They will all email you however and excuse themselves that they have been able to reach you by phone even though and in my case they had my home, office, and mobile telephone numbers.

By the time you have spent over 50 hours on the phone with Apple technicians, gone through all the exercise in their manual, and the problem has not been solved, and they refuse to replace your phone with a NEW one.

On my last call with Senior Advisor Joshua Davis who again offered me a Refurbished Phone as well as an iPod Nano for all my troubles , I told him to offer the Nano to one of his children as a gift from me. He was rude, abrupt, and unprofessional; but maybe his child got a Nano.

My phone continues to freeze, the temperature keeps rise, I have paid premium dollars, I have spent 50 plus hours on the phone with Apple and nothing has been solved.

I will write a follow up to this article after interviewing several other Apple users who have and are facing the same problems with these high priced Apple products.


Case Number 788470531

Gabriel (877) 203-0418 Ext. 1162864 – professional attitude but inexperienced

Kevin (877) 203-0418 Ext. 1162419 – professional but inexperienced

Josh Davis – Tier 3 – (877) 388-0879 Ext. 52554 – rude, abrupt, and unprofessional

Case Number 790094939

Aaron Froom – Senior Tier 3 – (877) 416-4271 Ext. 57032 – could not solve problem and pushed me to:

Long Phung – Tier 3 - (877) 388-0879 Ext. 1100147 – incompetent, dishonest, and unprofessional; who then transferred me to :

Tajh Samad – Tier 3 - (877) 203-0418 Ext. 1165098 – professional but inexperienced

Brian Jones – Tier (877) 416-4271 Ext. 1139005

Belinda Lyte – (877) 388-0879 Ext. 1100240 – nice, professional, and helpful

Richard Galler – Apple Customer Relations - Nasty, unprofessional, dishonest, abrupt, and rude but I still offered him the Nano as a gift to his child.





Emile Cousin Farah

Author and Writer-Miami-6/2015


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