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5- British Airways a Racist Airline

November 16th, 2015 5:19 AM by Nour Ailan

British Airways a Racist Airline

My name is Cousin Farah I frequently fly internationally usually at least twice a year. On this last trip between Miami and Beirut I had the misfortune of flying with British Airways. Myself and my family had the worst experience on the way back to the U.S. from Beirut. When we left Beirut and I arrived at London Heathrow we were told by British Airways staff that we cannot get on the flight into Miami as we will not make it to the gate in time. I told the first British Airways attendant that if I booked with your company your job was to make sure that I have enough time to go from one concourse to another. Their answer was yes it is the job of British airways to make sure that you have enough time to come to the next flight.

Even though we ran towards the next gate as soon as our flight landed at Heathrow; we were welcomed by a rude British Airways employee. So, I asked if I could speak to a supervisor and as the supervisor arrived he was explaining to us the reason that we could not got on the flight to Miami. Again I asked him isn't it correct that it is British Airways' job to make sure I have enough time to go from one concourse to another? And again his answer was yes was getting a little confused. If it is the job of British Airways then why is it that I am not on that plane already that is in the air? As I demanded that to see someone higher than him he started being rude with us and letting us know that at this moment there is nothing else he could do and what we should do is“go land yourselves”!!!!?????

Go land ourselves? I had no idea what this meant, and as I kept asking for some help and some translation, the BA staff go ruder and ruder and more and more offensive to me and my family. The supervisor even advised all his staff not to talk to us.

Besides the fact that they were not being helpful to book us on the next flight saying there aren’t any, my research, their website, and therefore my understanding led me to believe that there are several flights from Heathrow Airport to Miami international. As we were trying to get information from the staff of British Airways where to go and what to do next, none of them (not even one) would talk to us or discuss our next flight. Here we are, in Heathrow international airport with an airline that is not friendly and that has the worst customer service and that is a racist airline. Since almost of the employees there where advised not to speak to us, we were standing there like idiots, stranded and not knowing what to do. We had no one to talk to, get help of direction from. My wife then said let me talk to them and as she tried to talk to them, the supervisor advised her that none of his staff or himself would have a discussion or any discussion with us. Again, he said,“go land yourselves”. We are flying British Airways and their staff was rude, we were in an English speaking foreign country and felt completely in comprehensive to the language and culture. Tired, upset, confused what to do next, we sat there dumfounded.

Finally, my wife requested Airport Security because at this point we felt threatened by the BA staff and had no where else to get help from except for law enforcement. So, thankfully they were very helpful and kind towards us, we go lucky with the head of security who was very sympathetic to the way we were treated. He informed us that“ and yourself” means to go through customs and immigration and land in the country. After that, we had to go to the BA booking counter and rebook our flights to Miami for the next day. I was totally amazed by the service, the rudeness, the arrogance, and the insensitivity.

We were than met by another British supervisor who thought she was being human and a thought she was acting like a human being but she was as fake and as plastic as they come. She didn't want to help us and was advised by supervisor on the inside only to book us another flight for the next morning and as a“punishment” to us, not give us a hotel/lodging or food. Even-though our flight was delayed due to their fault. Can you believe this came from a supervisor? We were asking ourselves how an international airline such as British Airways threatens its clients that way. After three hours and a half we were able to finally get a lousy hotel room and lousy food. We had to go out in the cold weather (not having the clothes for it as our luggage was who knows where) and the inconvenience, a mistake made by British Airways.

While discussing our situation with many people, including Brits; it seems that all of them have had the similar problems with British Airways.

Do not fly British Airways,

do not fly British Airways,

do not fly British Airways.

They are rude and incompetent and racist,

they are rude and incompetent and racist,

they are rude and incompetent and racist.


Written by Cousin Farah & Zena Farah-Miami-April 25 -2015

Emile “Ur-cousin” Farah

phone: (305) 754-1000



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