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62- The story of the life of Saint Paul

April 21st, 2017 5:56 PM by Nour Ailan

The story of the life of Saint Paul


The Saint of Alexandria, and had a brother called Peter, and after the death of their father, they started hardening their inheritance, when he took the bulk of his brother, Paul suffered from the disposal of his brother and said to him: Why did not you give me my share of the inheritance of my father? , He replied: Because you're a boy I am afraid to waste, but I Vsohfezh you, did not agree, they went to the governor to separate them and as they were going on their way, and very moving funeral in the way, Paul, a Mhieinha inquired of the deceased is it? , Replied: that of the rulers of the city and Ogneaiha, and lo, he had left his riches and his wealth a lot, and here they are to his grave they spend only a gown of St. sighed and said to himself: Mali permission and funds this mortal world, which I will spare him and I naked?
And he turned to his brother and said to him: Back us, my brother, I am not asking you to do something than me, as they were returning, Paul broke with his brother on the way
And he went on his way until he reached outside the city, and found graves, lived in it for three days pray to Jesus to guide him to the way which pleases him, while his brother, the search for it much, but St. Paul, has God sent to him an angel, directed from that place who lived it, and walked with him, that brought him to the inner eastern land, there lived seventy years in which none of the humans did not suffer and was wearing a dress of fiber, and it was his food from the Lord, was God sends him every day grappa half a loaf of bread



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