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61- ASTI teachers to resist UK-style academy schools

April 21st, 2017 5:52 PM by Nour Ailan

ASTI teachers to resist UK-style academy schools

Secondary teachers have pledged to resist any moves which could lead to the creation of UK-style academy schools.At its annual convention on Thursday, members of the Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland (ASTI) heard claims that the policy focus of the Department of Education was on “ideological-driven autonomy” for schools, which has had negative consequences in other countries.Academy schools, or free schools, in the UK are publicly-funded and have more freedom over their finances, the curriculum and teachers’ pay and conditions.Susie Hall, a teacher with the Dublin northeast branch, questioned why Irish policymakers had to “slavishly” follow bad policy choices made in the UK.One of the greatest strengths of the system in Ireland was the fact that children from all parts of the State had a right to the same standard of education by qualified teachers, she said.“Free schools in Britain can employ people who are not teachers at all. I hope that doesn’t extend to the health service, or else we are all done for,” she said.Séamus Keane, a teacher based in Fingal, said there was overwhelming evidence to show this type of approach was failing and formed part of a broader agenda to divest the department of responsibility for schools.

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Posted by Nour Ailan on April 21st, 2017 5:52 PM


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